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Acufire ensures best practice & full compliance services with industry legislation

Taking care to fully comply with regulations and to conform to recognised industry standards is the best way to demonstrate to your staff, customers, and stakeholders that you’re paying close attention to your environmental responsibilities.

If you’re searching for expert advice and peace of mind regarding energy compliance, then you’ve come to the right people. Acufire’s team of highly qualified and accredited energy compliance and management consultants, have a great deal of experience in handling the legislative requirements of a wide range of public and private sector groups.

Whether it’s remote work, or multiple on-site visits that’s required, we’ll personalise our approach to meet your exact needs. You can trust Acufire with your business objectives and concerns – and we’re confident that very quickly, you’ll view us as a trusted partner.

We listen intently to our clients and make sure to fully understand your position and requirements, before planning a course of action. We will help to identify any potential issues that could jeopardise your compliance, giving you the opportunity to correct them. With our services we’ll help you to :

  • Measure the results of energy efficiency measures
  • Continually evaluate the success of chosen actions
  • Reduce your operating costs as you improve your energy consumption

Our energy compliance services

ESOS/ISO 50001

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment and savings identification system for large qualifying organisations in the U.K. ESOS enables organisations to pinpoint areas where cost reductions and energy efficiency improvements are possible. Compliance with ISO 50001 automatically grants an organisation the ESOS compliance status.

To comply with ISO 50001 standards, businesses must gather accurate data on energy consumption throughout the organisation, develop a policy to improve energy efficiency, and set targets in-line with that policy. These tasks can be very disruptive for businesses who undertake them in-house.


The U.K Government published a response to its consultation on the arrival of a new reporting framework, which came into action on 1st April 2019, titled; “Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting” (SECR). Our energy compliance services are fully up-to-date, covering SECR.
The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme is a mandatory ‘measure and report’ scheme that necessitates the purchase of carbon allowances (albeit at a fixed price), in relation to your organisation-wide electricity and gas usage.
Acufire’s clients seek our help to make sure they avoid any financial penalties that could arise from compliance failure. By issuing annual footprint reports, consumption analysis, emissions reports, and evidence packs, we’re able to assist you every step of the way as you comply with the CRC initiative.
Energy Certification – DEC and EPC
Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are essential for all buildings, whether they’ve just been built, are sold, or rented. Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are necessary for all large, public buildings used by public bodies and institutions.
More than 20,000 businesses held ISO 50001 Certificates in 2016
This figure is up 69% from 2015
The U.K is the second leading nation worldwide for ISO 50001 Compliance
Nearly 3000 certificates held in 2016
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