1. Ionisation –

An adaptation of natures way of purifying air. Ionisation of oxygen causes particles to clump together and kills virus, bacteria and spores and moulds. This is shown in the images below.

An electrical charge is passed over the oxygen molecules, creating positive and negative ions.  These ions then seek out and magnetically attach to unwanted particles.  In the case of Covid-19 it breaks down the protein shell of the molecule and thus kills it.  It will kill almost all viruses, bacteria, moulds, VOC (volatile organic compounds) and spores.  It also causes molecules to clump together and being heavier they drop out of the air or can get caught in air filtration systems.  Thus protecting the environment and the people in it and purifying the atmosphere.  This technology creates a natural level of ions within your buildings.  This technology has also been adapted to a personal ionic air purifier, as shown below. (This is just an example of multiple available devices).

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2. UV Light -


UV Light,specifically UVC wavelength. This is a short wavelength of UV light, which is found in sunlight, which also kills unwanted organic particles. UVC light works simply by altering and damaging the DNA of a germ, microorganism or bacteria. This triggers a self-destruct mechanism of the organism rendering it harmless. This is often installed in air control equipment, downstream of filtration, within hospitals or clean rooms. Often found in operating theatres they use UV light safely within the air handling equipment to provide purified air to the theatre.


UV light can be damaging to people. Thus it must be used remotely from the space being conditioned.