Fire risk assessment London, Fire Training, Fire risk assessment

'Health and safety', it's a phrase that’s sometimes used with sarcasm or even contempt. But for the most part, health and safety measures are taken against very legitimate concerns, and precautions must be taken where reasonable and appropriate against everyday risks that can threaten our livelihoods and our health. Fire Safety is one such extremely legitimate concern, and the practice of regular fire risk assessments has rightly been made mandatory here in the UK.

Acufire provides services to help you, your business and your employees reduce the risk of a fire occurring. Risk assessments aim to identify and mitigate liabilities, and in the case of fire this shouldn’t be left to chance. Acufire’s fire risk assessments will ensure that your business is fully compliant and that the threat of fire is reduced as much as possible.

Fire risk assessment London, Fire Training, Fire risk assessment

Fire risk assessment

The objective of a fire risk assessment is to assess a workplace and the practices of its staff. It looks to identify potential hazards and risks, before analysing safety measures and updating them wherever deemed necessary. This process should be reviewed periodically as workplaces and staff constantly change. The consequences for not meeting these responsibilities can result in a fine, or in the very worst cases, even imprisonment.

Fire Training

Each individual, whether they are an employee or a member of the management team, must complete a basic level of fire training. Acufire has designed their fire training program to fully prepare all team members with which actions to take in the event of a fire.

Evacuation plan – This is generally a written document that each individual will have access to and are required to understand and call to memory in the case of a fire incident occurring.

Fire Compliance

Fire compliance helps in maximum effectiveness of fire pretension measures. At Acufire, we incorporate the best methods of fire prevention, whilst minimising the effects of fire and smoke should they occur. We take into consideration the layout of each building, it’s structure and construction. We then create bespoke solutions for each and every building, as we understand that every space has unique challenges. We do this so that you can be safe in the knowledge that the risk of fire to your business and your staff is as low as possible.

Acufire is available to help you with a range of risk management and assessment services. You can check our website for further in-depth descriptions of the services we offer. Please complete our online form, give us a call, or send us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

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