Ensure Safety in the Workplace - Don’t Neglect Fire Risk Assessments

When looking at a building it’s human nature for us to first appraise it aesthetically. How does it look?, how much space is available, how does it make us feel? If we’re honest, very few of us are considering fire safety at our first glance. But of course, safety is a prime concern for us all and we must be mindful to always take it into consideration. Whilst we take a look around we are reminded of this by the presence of fire alarms, smoke detectors, water sprinklers etc, with fire exit routes clearly marked - It’s reassuring to know that even if we’ve momentarily forgotten to consider fire safety, others have not.

It is important to be aware that many fire regulations exist here in the UK, and fire risk assessments in London should be periodically conducted by all businesses. Fire risk assessments are typically performed by accredited assessors who have extensive experience of fire safety and are up to date with the current law and regulations regarding fire prevention measures. Once a fire risk assessment has been conducted, a fire risk assessment document is issued so that compliance can be proven. Fire risk assessments include the following measures; inspection of fire detection systems, firefighting equipment, evacuation routes, information and knowledge of fire safety measures by all staff, adequate storage and handling of flammable materials, etc. Reviews of current fire training received by the staff is a particularly important practice.

Ensure Safety in the Workplace - Fire Risk Assessments


Fire training sessions are provided by industry professionals with specialist knowledge and experience. All organisations that have staff on their premises must provide fire training for their employees so that they are adequately equipped with the knowledge of what to do in the event of a fire. Fire training is extremely important as ignorance and negligence are a key contributing factor that leads to incidents. Once appropriate fire training has been provided, all staff will then be well versed in the correct process of dealing with a fire related incident, which includes; the do’s and the don’ts, where to assemble, how to use firefighting equipment, etc.


Fire compliance is becoming an increasingly significant practice, with an aim to place greater emphasis on mechanisms that apply engineering solutions to fire risks. Fire engineers are consulted during the initial planning and design phases of construction projects, and advise on construction materials, fire detection devices, evacuation efficiencies, etc. Fire engineers are also employed by regulatory bodies to evaluate and assess compliance. The practice of fire compliance helps to identify risks and puts safeguards in place to protect, control and mitigate fire.

Acufire has a highly professional team that works closely with you whilst conducting fire risk assessments in London, fire compliance, and fire training. Acufire has many years of expertise under their belt, providing comprehensive and focused compliance services. Acufire offers a plethora of services that help relieve you from the burden of regulatory procedures, whilst ensuring that your business is as safe as it possibly can be.

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