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Being environmentally responsible should be a very high priority to all of us, as individuals, businesses and nations. As business owners, we must take responsibilities for our actions and wherever possible, reduce our impact on the environment. One tangible way of doing this is by reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the term used to describe total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an operation or activity. A carbon footprint can be calculated for a great many activities such as; driving a car, using a gadget, or even your daily food consumption!

Why should we be monitoring it?

In simple terms: As humans, practically all of our activities generate carbon dioxide, along with other greenhouse gases. Energy compliance is the term used to describe activities that are conscious of their environmental damage, and mitigate it in some form.

Reduce carbon footprint - Energy compliant- Acufire

How can I ensure energy compliance and the reduction of my carbon footprint?

There are many ways in which businesses and individuals can increase their energy compliance, and thereby reducing their carbon footprint.

  1. Switch to LED Lighting; Compliance services promote this simple, yet effective practice. By simply switching to LED bulbs you can make a significant reduction in energy use. LED lighting uses around 15 times less electricity than halogen lighting does.
  2. Switch from computers to laptops: This may come as a surprise to those who only use desktops, but laptops emit a fair amount less carbon dioxide than desktops computers do. By making the switch to more energy-efficient laptops, you’ll be enhancing your business’ energy compliance.
  3. Unplug chargers: Most of us tend to keep phone and laptop chargers plugged into their power sockets. You can immediately increase your energy compliance by taking them out of the wall sockets when not in use, or switching the socket off. Most electronic devices also have an energy-saving mode, so make sure to enable them too.
  4. Read magazines, papers and books online: A simple technique, yet it can result in an instant reduction resource being used and is recommended by compliance services.
  5. Instil an interest in your local environment: ‘Give back just as much (if not more than) you take’ is a very powerful idea. By allowing employees to use a small portion of land to plant flowers, grow crops etc, will help to promote why the environment is so important to all of us. Practices such as these that are recommended by compliance services and this will also help team building too!
  6. Work from home: An increasingly popular practise in 2020 - Working from home is a significant way to reduce your carbon footprint. All the greenhouse gas emissions that you aren’t creating by travelling to work will ensure your energy compliance.


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