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Our goal is to provide help and advice on key areas of compliance and safety. We think of ourselves as partners, not service providers - We succeed when you succeed.


Acufire UK have many accreditations to our name. We have Chartered Engineer status with the CIBSE and we are members of the FPA, Safe Contractor, Energy Institute, Institute of Building Services Engineers, Institute of Fire Engineers and the Institute of Fire Safety Managers. View more..

Risk management

Risk management is a critical component in the growth of any organisation. By considering and evaluating potential risk before it occurs, and drafting an effective risk management plan, you are afforded the opportunity of installing procedures that may reduce the impact of a risk, or to remove it entirely. Acufire helps businesses such as yours to manage risk in a manner that exploits opportunities for new growth, whilst focusing on business achievements. In short, we help businesses achieve maximum potential by identifying failure, quantifying risk and reducing impact.

TM44 Inspections

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) requires that all buildings with air conditioning systems of 12kW in power or greater, be required to have periodic TM44 inspection. This also applies to buildings where the combined power of all installed air conditioning systems equals 12kW or greater.

At Acufire our TM44 inspections are conducted by CIBSE accredited air conditioning inspectors, and on completion we supply a report that is valid for five years. We provide advice and guidance on maintenance, upgrades, repair and replacement of air conditioning systems in an effort to make them more reliable and energy efficient.

Business Case Development

A business case helps to reason the initiation of a project or task, so that it may be greenlit by those who have the authority to do so. Business case development is a multi-disciplined approach that businesses can take towards new opportunities, alternative strategies and financial investments, so that the best course of action may be taken that adds value to the business. Acufire help develop custom solutions that give maximum return on investment. Our specialist team is highly experienced in business case development and offers the very best chance of achieving a successful outcome for your project. Less it..

Compliance Services - For Your safety & the safety of those you work with

Ethical practice and diligent compliance are both fundamental considerations for all organisations.

Acufire has a great deal of experience in working with organisations, establishing and enacting compliance programs that introduce improved practices. Acufire’s exceptional team possess a deep understanding of compliance services and are ready and fully motivated to help you to reduce risks, whilst simultaneously working towards achieving your goals and ambitions.

We offer complete services relating to :

Energy Compliance - With our highly qualified team of accredited energy compliance and management consultants, we offer a personalised approach to meet your specific needs. We ensure full compliance regarding a number of mandatory energy assessments, including; ESOS/ISO 50001, CRC, SERC.

Compliance Services - We are fully versed with the latest legislative, regulatory and industry body compliance frameworks and are ready to help guide you through the compliance process, every step of the way.

Building Compliance - We ensure all legal responsibilities with regards to your building. We can conduct TM44 inspections, providing necessary advice and guidance on any upgrades and installations.
We also provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Display Energy Certificates (DECs).

Fire Compliance - We have many years of experience in helping organisations adhere to fire compliance obligations. We cover everything from installation and maintenance of safety equipment, to fire risk assessment tutoring, reporting and management.

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Fire Safety Compliance - Protecting your business

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How to ensure TM44 inspection compliance

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, (the EPBD), passed legislation throughout Europe stating that property

Building Compliance

Acufire has clients for whom we advise in building compliance Building compliance - DEC and EPC Energy Performance

Energy Compliance

Acufire ensures best practice & full compliance services with industry legislation Taking care to fully comply

Compliance Services

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Fire Engineering

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Quality Fire Training to keep your staff and your workplace protected

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Fire Risk Assessment: Is your building compliant?

A fire risk assessment must be completed for all buildings that are designed for the following functions: Public use

Fire Management

Fire management refers to the process of preventing, planning and extinguishing fires with the primary objective of

Fire risk assessment

If you are the owner of your building it is your responsibility (and legal requirement) to ensure that a Fire Risk Assessment is conducted by an individual competent enough to do so. You are legally obligated to identify any fire risks within your business premises and take the necessary action to eliminate or reduce them. Fire risk assessments must be recorded if your organisation employs five or more people. This assessment has to be conducted periodically so that it can identify any new risks that have been introduced. If your legal responsibilities are not met and you fail to keep your employees safe in the event of a fire, you may face a fine, or even potential imprisonment.

Acufire conducts fire risk assessment in London and the surrounding region for all sizes of businesses and organisations.

Indoor Air Quality

The annual cost of air pollution to the NHS is around £157 million, and if the current rate of air pollution levels persist, then by 2035 there will be around 2.5 million cases of pulmonary and cardiac diseases.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) can be five times more polluted than outside air, particularly in cases where many people share the same space or working environment. A clean and well maintained mechanical ventilation system provides good ventilation and a sufficient quantity of freshly purified air. Organisations should ensure fresh air at a rate of 8 litres per second, per person. Ventilation should be maintained as per the Heating and Ventilating Contractors Association (HVCA) and the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) standards.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) can also be improved by growing plants inside workspaces and by reducing the use of chemical cleaning products, paints and air fresheners. Acufire can help keep the air in your working environment healthy, by providing services such as IAQ testing, where we inspect parameters including; temperature, humidity, gases, and air pollutants.