Acufire UK ltd - Fire Management

Fire management refers to the process of preventing, planning and extinguishing fires with the primary objective of protecting people, property and the natural surroundings. It can also extend into areas like wildlife, forestry and land-use objectives.

Fire Risk Assessment

  • Fire Training

If your business has one or more employees, volunteers or other individuals you are responsible for, then you must arrange for fire safety training. Fire training is designed to prepare you with the skills you’re likely to need in the event of a fire. This includes the action you should take immediately upon discovering a fire, how to locate and using the extinguishers available on-site, what the official evacuation routes are, and how best to assist more vulnerable individuals, like the elderly.

  • Evacuation Plans

Evacuation plans, often referred to as fire emergency evacuation plans (FEEP) usually take the form of a written document detailing the action that must be taken by all staff in the event of fire and the arrangements for contacting the fire service.

  • Evacuation procedures

These refer to a set of actions that building occupants are instructed to follow in the event of a fire or other life-threatening situation. Typically they involve activating the fire alarm, calling the emergency services immediately and providing relevant information – and ensuring that all personnel have left the building. Often the guidelines will recommend that you do not use a lift or elevator and that you make use of fire extinguishers only if you have received adequate training.

  • Fire safety plans for construction

The building industry’s performance has improved significantly in recent generations, but the rates of death, serious injury and poor health among construction site workers remains unacceptably high. When building activities are not sufficiently controlled, there is a real threat to members of the public – and also to any buildings located in close proximity to the construction site. For example, it’s easy for a large fire to spread off-site. Please get in touch with Acufire today if you need help in putting together comprehensive fire safety plans for your organisation.