Compliance Services

First Safety should be a significant consideration for all businesses. In the UK, regardless of the size of your organisation, fire safety regulations exist that must be adhered to. Rules and procedures must be followed, and measures must be implemented, it’s important to remember that these rules exist to keep everyone safe.

So, how is it best to keep informed of these rules and regulations?

At Acufire we keep fully up to date with current laws and legislation, and have a great deal of experience in working with organisations, implementing new practices and ensuring all fire safety equipment is secure, accessible and in good working order. This enables you and your staff to concentrate on the needs of the business, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the issues surrounding fire safety are fully taken care of.

Compliance Services

How can we support you?

At Acufire we provide a professional and reliable service. You can contact us via telephone, or email, whenever you have any questions or require any support. Our services include:

  • Guidance on emerging issues such as the installation and maintenance of fire safety equipment.
  • Any regulatory changes are immediately taken into account, ensuring continual compliance as per the Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order of 2005.
  • Consultation on any developments that arise within the business or organisation.
  • Our highly efficient compliance team is available for consultation regarding compliance and business practices.
  • Support in establishing a culture of proactive risk assessment, reporting and management.
  • Support with AML reporting, helping to detect and report any suspicious activity.

Benefits to your business

Business opportunities - We can help you to achieve your business goals by creating opportunities as a result of regulatory changes.

Risk mitigation - We can help reduce the effects of risks faced by your organisation, whilst reducing potential regulatory action and financial penalties.

Cost efficient - With our compliance services, we provide high value for money, reducing costs and the disruption that would be faced in the event of a fire incident.

Peace of mind - Through the use of our compliance services, you are free to focus on the core of your business. We provide unbiased and independent evaluation and bench-marking of all regulatory guidelines.

Compliance services offered by Acufire

Acufire boasts of a wide range of compliance services to help you and your business. Our services include:

Keeping statutory records up to date - Our highly experienced team of professionals will help your business ensure sure that all statutory paperwork and related records are kept updated.

Assessment of compliance to statutory instruments - The evaluation of your current building systems to ensure that you are compliant with legally critical to life safety or business legislation

Fire cause and effect verification – Ensuring your building or facility fire alarm operates to cause the required building effects, in line with your buildings fire strategy

Energy compliance – Ensuring the necessary inspections and advice is given to the business owner to meet the government's business energy legislation

ISO 50001 Audits – auditing and or preparation for audit of those seeking or retaining ISO50001 accreditation

Compliance asset surveying – Identification of building assets that require statutory maintenance or inspection

Preparation of building log books or compliance folders – compiling all legal information into a compliant log book for proving compliance and ongoing maintenance

Developing or Supporting statutory governance – Creating proven business governance processes for all key statutory obligations. To ensure key legal, health and safety and compliance risks and obligations are managed effectively. In addition to the services listed above, we can also offer chartered engineering consultancy that can help with your internal processes or governance. Our services enable you to focus on your core business needs, whilst we take some of the admin off of your hands.

Why Choose us for Compliance Services?

At Acufire, our services are fully tailored to the needs of our clients. Our team has comprehensive knowledge of current building compliance, freeing time for you to concentrate on growing your business. We’ll spend time to properly understand the needs of your business so that we can best serve you.


Do Fire Safety Orders apply to small businesses?

Fire Safety Orders are applicable to employers, business owners, landlords, and all occupants of business premises. If you run a small business, then you do have to follow all current fire safety regulations. You are responsible for the fire safety of yourself, your employees, and your premises, as well as any other persons on them.

Do I need to test my emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting needs to be checked and tested every month to assess its functionality, and the results must be recorded. It should also be checked yearly by a trained individual. Acufire test emergency lighting, check emergency routes, smoke ventilation systems, fire extinguishers and electrical supplies.

How often do I need to conduct a fire risk assessment?

Fire risk assessments are mandatory to protect yourself, your employees, and/or business from the potential effects of a fire. There is no stated frequency at which these assessments must be made, but the law stipulates that they must be made ‘regularly’. We recommend best practice is an annual review, with a new Fire Risk Assessment every 3 years.

Can Acufire help my business with Display Energy Certificates (DEC)?

DEC's are mandatory for all businesses and an energy assessor such as Acufire can help you obtain certification for your building. We will assess the total energy consumption and provide all certification.

Do I need to conduct an ESOS assessment if I am already ISO 50001 compliant?

An ISO 50001 helps organisations to be more energy efficient and provides a strong framework for energy management. If you are currently ISO 50001 compliant this means you are also ESOS compliant. So there is no requirement to conduct an ESOS assessment if you are already ISO 50001 compliant.