Building Compliance

Acufire has clients for whom we advise in building compliance

Building compliance - DEC and EPC

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are essential for all buildings when they are built, sold or rented out; and Display Energy Certificates (DECs) are necessary for any large, public buildings used by public bodies or institutions. Our building compliance services cover both.

A DEC accredited assessor will produce an Energy Certificate for display at your premises. This assessor will also compile an advisory report for the building to allow an action plan to be created for energy savings - and make use of the approved calculation methodology for operational ratings.

Our building compliance services also include calculation of carbon dioxide emissions for the certificate, which are based on the adjusted energy consumption, the total useful floor area and building category to give a figure for CO2 emissions per m2. The DEC must be placed in a national register by the assessor and it will be assigned a unique identifying certificate reference number.