Business Case Development

Just like any sales proposition, if the benefit of a proposed business case isn’t greater than its cost or effort, then it’s a bad deal. So, we approach business case development as an internal sales proposition for our client organisation. Often a client has a limited amount of capital or resource and far too many possible projects and no clear way to assess them.

Also, most business staff who can identify improvement opportunities for investment are focussed on the here and now of running their day to day operation. This makes strategic planning difficult for most operational parts of a business and leaves them to continue year after year with the same approach and resources.

Our approach is to work with the client to develop medium to long term and multi-faceted improvement opportunities, which provide the biggest return on investment. Whether it be in terms of money, effort or future skills. By developing solutions that bring maximum benefits it’s possible to get to the point where the business case is a no brainer and some client businesses will borrow to implement them.